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Humans of NITA – Haseenah

For the month of February, we will be introducing Haseenah, our IT Operator Team Lead! Hello Haseenah, can you introduce yourself?  My name is Haseenah Rasheed and I have worked at NITA as an IT Operator Team Lead for 1 year. Before that, I was a Senior Customer Care Officer for 8 years after completing my Diploma in [...]

30 December 2019|

Humans of NITA – Neeraj

This month, we have Neeraj Singh to share with us on what he does as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Neurones IT Asia. Hello Neeraj, would you like to introduce yourself? My name is Neeraj Singh. I've been working with Neurones IT Asia as a Senior Cloud Engineer for 6 months. When I was young, I wanted to [...]

27 December 2019|

Humans of NITA – Shilpa

For the month of December, we will be introducing Shilpa Rani, our Full Stack Developer at Neurones IT Asia.    Hello Shilpa! Can you introduce yourself?     Hello! I am Shilpa Rani, working for NITA as a full stack developer. I have been working with NITA for one and a half years.   I would say I am a good cook and enjoying [...]

19 December 2019|

How to survive in the Singapore IT job market?

Faced with the impending economic outlook, how can we ensure that we can survive in the Singapore IT job market? This month, we have Jyoti Yadav, our Talent Acquistion Specialist to share with us some tips to make ourselves more employable! Step 1 - Understand the gap  It is getting harder to survive in the [...]

6 December 2019|

Humans of NITA – Jyoti

For our Humans of Neurones IT Asia series this month, we will be introducing Jyoti Yadav, our Talent Acquisition Specialist. Hello Jyoti, can you give us an introduction of yourself? Hello peeps, I am Jyoti Yadav, working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Neurones IT Asia since 2018. I am from a Computer Engineering background [...]

22 November 2019|

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is the merging of the development and operations team through the usage of various tools which automate the process. It is a set of tools used at every step of a project in order to automatically build it, test it, watch it and maintain it, allowing teams to become more efficient in delivering and [...]

11 November 2019|

Humans of NITA – Daniel

For our Humans of Neurones IT Asia (NITA) series, we will be introducing our people in NITA. This month, we will be introducing Daniel, our General Manager. Can you give us a short introduction about yourself? I am Daniel TA and I have been with Neurones IT Asia for more than 4 years. I joined NITA as a Pre-Sales Executive and was recently appointed as the [...]

29 October 2019|

Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

The cyber threat landscape is ever evolving. Hence, an IT System which was delivered correctly yesterday, may not be safe today. Threats are events that exploit vulnerabilities to do harm to an organisation’s assets. To prevent these potential harm, an organisation will identify new vulnerabilities and either rectify the vulnerabilities or mitigate the risks to [...]

14 October 2019|

How can AI help us to invest in the stock market?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exists in our everyday lives. Examples include Siri and Alexa for simple problem solving or pure entertainment, Facebook Feed which promotes content based on your interests, and chatbots on the websites for a quick Q&A.   There are two types of learning for Artificial Intelligence (AI) - supervised and unsupervised learning.   "Supervised learning [...]

16 September 2019|