Faced with the impending economic outlook, how can we ensure that we can survive in the Singapore IT job market? This month, we have Jyoti Yadav, our Talent Acquistion Specialist to share with us some tips to make ourselves more employable!

Step 1 – Understand the gap 

It is getting harder to survive in the Singapore IT job market. The gaps between the roles today and tomorrow are widening due to advancements in technology which has automated many tasks, resulting in more jobs becoming obsolete. 

Gaps between roles today and tomorrow

Step 2 – Visualize opportunities 

By 2022, a lot of jobs will disappear, but it will create a lot of space for new jobs. Below is the snapshot of rising IT skills, divided into 4 mains categories: Continuous Integration, Automation and AI, Workflow Automation and Miscellaneous skills: 

From the rising skills snapshot above, we are able to predict and see which are the stable, new and redundant jobs by 2022.

Stable, New and Redundant Roles by 2022 

Step 3 – Put yourself in the company shoes

Companies are on a lookout for people who are capable and bring value to them. The greater the value you bring, the higher the company is willing to pay. This is especially true when you have a skill which not a lot of people have.

In order to have the best strategy to address the job market, there are 3 questions you to consider: 

  1. What am I capable of doing? 
  2. How can I value add to the company? 
  3. How many people with the same set of skills can deliver what I’m delivering? 

By answering those questions, you can have a better understanding of what you can do, see where you can value add and decide your path of actions. 

Some best practices for you to survive! 

To make yourself more employable, there is a need to train and improve yourself: 


  • Training plan for short term goals 
  • Training plan for long term goals 


  • Real life project experience is the key to success 

Career Progression 

  • Lateral movement 
  • Vertical movement 
  • New client opportunities 
  • Volunteering for some projects to upgrade skills 

Moving forward: Stay Aware

Globally, the market is set to undergo major changes in the next 3-5 years. By 2022, there will be 27% new job roles (across all industries) and 21% will be redundant roles. 

The new trend will not be job hopping but skills hopping as well and permanent job will be a thing of the past. Hence, there is a need for us to embark on the continuous journey of learning to stay relevant in our jobs.   

With this exponential growth of technologies around us, people who are really passionate will survive in the ever-changing IT market.