For our Humans of Neurones IT Asia series this month, we will be introducing Jyoti Yadav, our Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Hello Jyoti, can you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hello peeps, I am Jyoti Yadav, working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Neurones IT Asia since 2018. I am from a Computer Engineering background but hated the idea of having to code for rest of my life. I decided to try out a different career path for myself and that’s how a #CouldHaveBeenAProgrammer is now working as a technical recruiter in Singapore for the past 7+ years, and I am not regretting my decision at all!

So what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

My day to day job at NITA involves sourcing, screening and assessing candidates on various parameters. Besides technical evaluation and arranging the interviews, I work closely with businesses as well as the hiring managers to keep them aware of the progress and share the market insights as and when required on the roles. Salary negotiations and offer release are also part of my day to day routine.
(P.S: Trade secret –  LinkedIn is my bestie and sort of sandbox for all crazy Boolean keyword searches for unicorns, ha now you know it!)

We have a healthy competitive environment which makes it fun to work.”

How is the work culture here at NITA?

I am glad and consider myself lucky to be a part of NITA. Right from the management to my colleagues, I’ve got full support from my team and I can reach out to them as and when needed. The work culture is very young and vibrant, and we encourage people to take ownership of their work. We don’t believe in micromanagement, but in getting the work done well. We have a healthy competitive environment which makes it fun to work in. We don’t go by titles here; it’s an open-door policy culture for everyone.

“Sourcing for talents is an arduous task and does not stop at finding the candidate alone. It is a full cycle – right from sourcing to assessment to onboarding and retention.”

What do you look out for when searching for talents?

Technical skills are important, but when looking for the right talent, it is important to identify traits such as:

  • Learner: Stagnant careers with no career progression or learning is a showstopper and we do look for people who believe in constantly growing themselves; professionally and personally.
  • Ambitious: Candidates who are ambitious will always ask intelligent questions and how they will be evolving in their roles.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility plays a major role in the candidate’s attitude. Being flexible not only refers to flexibility in adjusting to the team or work culture but also in taking the extra mile to get the work done.

Any advice for someone who is looking for new jobs?

  • Measure your success or quantify your achievements: what you have done and what changes you achieved in terms of revenue / number / percentage.
  • Don’t flood your CV with all sorts of certifications. Certifications are important but equally important is whether you have experience or any voluntary project experience too.
  • Mention the extra-curricular activities too. Side activities are a great way to showcase the extra dimension of yours!
  • Last but not least, often the ignored part is LinkedIn profile. Keep it updated, use the right keywords for your skills and technologies, if you’re looking for new roles.

 Fun facts about yourself?

I’m a sucker for mystery and thriller novels/movies. When I’m not reading or watching movies, I usually plug myself away from the outside world, either busy with Reiki sessions or kicking my blues away in Muay Thai classes. To de-stress, retail therapy always works wonders on me!