Humans of NITA – Haseenah

For the month of February, we will be introducing Haseenah, our IT Operator Team Lead! Hello Haseenah, can you introduce yourself?  My name is Haseenah Rasheed and I have worked at NITA as an IT Operator Team Lead for 1 year. Before that, I was a Senior Customer Care Officer for 8 years after completing my Diploma in [...]

30 December 2019|

Humans of NITA – Neeraj

This month, we have Neeraj Singh to share with us on what he does as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Neurones IT Asia. Hello Neeraj, would you like to introduce yourself? My name is Neeraj Singh. I've been working with Neurones IT Asia as a Senior Cloud Engineer for 6 months. When I was young, I wanted to [...]

27 December 2019|

Humans of NITA – Shilpa

For the month of December, we will be introducing Shilpa Rani, our Full Stack Developer at Neurones IT Asia.    Hello Shilpa! Can you introduce yourself?     Hello! I am Shilpa Rani, working for NITA as a full stack developer. I have been working with NITA for one and a half years.   I would say I am a good cook and enjoying [...]

19 December 2019|