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Customer review: “The good reasons to moving to the cloud and things we learnt.”

By | 24 August 2017|Categories: News|

Michael, the B P-Solution Operations Manager explained to us why he decided to move to the Cloud with Microsoft 365, He highlighted the reasons to do it and things he learnt.  "Like thousands of other organizations [...]

5 ways how IT accelerate the growth of your business.

By | 7 August 2017|Categories: News|

Innovation is the fastest, most potent way to boost profits while information technology (IT) are the tools to foster innovation. After the Internet comes the dawn of a new industrial revolution. It banks on the digital [...]

Workforce Singapore Career Fair for PMETs

By | 26 July 2017|Categories: Events, News|

Let's do things together! Meet our expert and Human Ressources manager at Tampines Hub Workforce Singapore Career Fair for PMETs july 26th. Get the opportunity to take part of the Neurones IT team. We are [...]

Executive Breakfast – Dathena & Neurones IT – “Who can access your data?”

By | 4 July 2017|Categories: Events, News|

Join us on Thursday July 13 for a breakfast on the issue of data protection with smart data governance specialists: Dathena’s team will share its expertise and introduce its state-of-the-art solution based on AI allowing you to [...]

Find Us at CRIP Annual Convention June 20, 2017 in Paris

By | 19 June 2017|Categories: Events, News|

Neurones IT will participate to the CRIP Annual Convention Our innovation director Mr Benoit Lemaire, will be on stage with our major partner Mr Philippe Bourbotte, deputy director Operation for GRDF. Agenda: Create infrastructure to accelerate [...]

3 essential aspects of Cyber-Security

By | 2 June 2017|Categories: News|

The news published on May 13th, reported several tens of thousands of pirated computers. This attack on ransomware (ransom software family), called "WannaCry", has affected both individuals and multitudes of large companies and national administrations. [...]

All you need to know about Ransomwares and how to avoid them.

By | 19 May 2017|Categories: News|

Ransomwares Our network and security experts have spoken this week about ransomware: Learn everything about this phenomenon that infects computers all over the world with sophistic crypto key. What are the different methods and how to avoid being [...]

EDF selects Visian (Neurones IT) to equip its buildings and employees with geolocation app.

By | 26 April 2017|Categories: News|

IoT Geolocation indoor          Visian is an entity for Neurones IT specialized in IoT deployment. During the meeting between EDF and VISIAN on November 2016, the conversation was around the creation of geo-location [...]

The next evolution of Industry 4.0 is here today with Visian.

By | 17 April 2017|Categories: News|

Visian was present at the Microsoft’s 3rd annual Manufacturing & Resources Symposium. They welcomed more than 100 executives from all lines of business who were interested in hearing from their peers, Microsoft, and their partners about the [...]

SharePoint Online and Intranet Collaboration – Part I

By | 13 April 2017|Categories: News|

SharePoint Online and Intranet Collaboration – Part I Alexis Mourad, our network and system consultant, talks about Sharepoint Online and the collaborative intranet: Considered for many as a revolution in the industry, the cloud has undeniably shaken [...]