Visian was present at the Microsoft’s 3rd annual Manufacturing & Resources Symposium. They welcomed more than 100 executives from all lines of business who were interested in hearing from their peers, Microsoft, and their partners about the latest digital transformation trends.

It is interesting to see how the market has advanced in just the last year alone. As IoT and cloud computing are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the industry, discussions are now centered on more advanced technologies such as digital twins, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cognitive services, bots, and mixed reality with HoloLens—and how these can be applied to accelerate the intelligence.

Machine Pagès, a company that manufactures robots destined for plastics processing, shared some exciting innovations it is driving around this topic. The company’s connected machines leverage Microsoft technologies such as Power BI and Microsoft Azure to greatly improve the reliability of its industrial processes, increase productivity, and grow customer satisfaction using data insights and predictive maintenance.

For this, Machine Pagès has used the Industry 4.0 expertise of Visian to connect their robots using their IoT platform to oversee operations, leverage insights from predictive maintenance capabilities, and allow supervision via a mobile application shared with Machine Pagès customers.

Rockwell Automation also provided Machine Pagès with a Power BI dashboard that allows the company to track the status of its machines down to the finest level of detail by aggregating data from the production controller and other IoT sensors. If the performance of a machine starts to decline, or the rejection rate increases, the source of this change can be quickly analyzed and fixed in real-time.

Machine Pagès shared that the secure-by-design Azure architecture reassures its customers of the security and openness of its solutions.

Microsoft also show their own HoloLens team about how manufacturers are leveraging mixed reality to erase the limits between physical and digital to improve efficiency for service technicians, for example. The example of Total HoloPro Training implemented with Conseil3D was presented during the session.

Another story is the work that thyssenkrupp Elevator is doing with HoloLens to help its 24,000 elevator service technicians visualize and identify problems ahead of a job, and have remote, hands-free access to technical and expert information when onsite, improving the way people and cities move.

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